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seasons change, and so do mondays

seasons change, and so do mondays
By Stacey Hedman • Issue #3 • View online
a little on tending to the mind, the breath and the bar this month…

There’s something so lovely about sending these letters on a Sunday. For many around the world, today is a sacred one. I was raised Catholic, which is likely the very reason I’m not religious today, but I do carry that Sunday vibe with me into my adult life.
A Saturday for me is full of vibrant, expanding energy, often heading out for a day on the slopes or a long run, or filling the schedule with plans and chores. In contrast, I love my Sunday mornings to be quiet, reflective and slow. I’ve always treated the start of a new week as I do the start of a new year. A fresh beginning.
So happy new week to you!
mindful moment
Have you ever heard life compared to “seasons”? We’re changing seasons right now, so take a moment to ponder the nature around you. True seasons are a few months long, but how do you go through the “seasons” of a typical week or even your entire life? What season of your life are you in right now?
  • Spring: planting new seeds for growth, opening up, life anew
  • Summer: expanding, soaking, savoring where you are
  • Autumn: shedding what no longer serves you
  • Winter: tucking yourself in, comforting, healing
places and spaces
On that note, I’m feeling like I’m in another “spring” of my life in more ways than one. Here’s one…
A new career in my mid-40s? Well it’s not that dramatic, but many of you have seen me “retire” a few times now - from corporate life to photography and back, with some side gigs as a yoga teacher and building a mini running brand. I was even a realtor for two weeks 16 years ago. I’m either a YES woman or a bored-easily woman, but probably a mix of both.
This summer, I started helping out at the local ski lodge bar + restaurant as it became a hotspot for outdoor, COVID-friendly socializing. It’s walking distance from us here at Magic Mountain, and offered a nice (safe) way to spend time with friends. Soon into the winter ski season, I was back again. Learning how to tend bar at this age? Sign me up!
(for a fun visual, picture me balancing my phone against a liquor bottle while teaching myself to make a bloody Mary, only to then make about 20 more over the next hour while the rest of the staff was nowhere to be found!)
Have you found an unexpected isolation creation of your own this past year?
where I'm getting curious lately?
Also very spring-themed is the ever-present inhale of breath.
I dare say every human being on the planet should read the book “Breath” by James Nestor. There are probably dozens and dozens of ways to investigate this subject, but James puts it all into one easy-to-digest book. I actually listened to it, as I do with most nonfiction, and that would be my tip for you too.
We need to breathe better and breathe less. Breath is our life force. Our internal systems, our brains, our longevity, our mental health, even our facial structure depends on it. And for thousands and thousands of years, humans have understood that the inhale should always be through the nose. You were made for it. Check out the book yourself and let me know your thoughts!
Well, that’s about it for our third monthly connection + curiosity letter of the year. The sun is still shining out there this evening, and I’m off to enjoy. Thanks so much for sticking around! Remember, you have all you need right here to reply directly, unsubscribe or share with a friend.
Till next time,
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Stacey Hedman

lover of fresh air, wild optimism, an open mind and well-placed sarcasm.

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