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i think we're gonna make it
By Stacey Hedman • Issue #2 • View online
another March, what’s missing from our résumés, and getting ready to tap that [maple]

The close of another month, and with it one YEAR of something totally unique, unprecedented and previously unimaginable to most of us.
The past week or two I’ve found myself looking around and remembering back to last March. The excitement of waking up in our ski house on a Tuesday, the complete fear of entering the grocery store, the slow willingness of colleagues to turn on the web camera…
It’s worth a pause for sure. At first we were running from something, then slowing down within it, and maybe now with the sun shining again, we are able to see and embrace just how far we’ve come.
Group hug!
where I've been getting curious lately?
Back in January, I signed up for a seven-day “Wild Writing” course online with Laurie Wagner. Admittedly, I didn’t watch the seven videos within seven days, and in fact just tuned in for Day 5 now at the very end of February. Laurie gets her writing prompts through poems, and this day’s particular prompt was “things I didn’t put on my résumé.”
My first thought was meh, okay, I’ve got nothing else to do but follow through on this 15- minute exercise, but I didn’t think it would go far. Then kapow!
If you’re human, chances are good you’ve been living a life WILDLY beyond the classic résumé. And it’s all really important stuff! Personally, my formal education feels like a joke compared to the lessons I’ve learned and even taught myself over the last few decades. For instance…
  • I probably won’t admit that I was mediocre at sports, but that I stayed the course and showed up anyway. I got better, made sure it was also fun, and overcame doubt constantly.
  • My résumé won’t mention that I slacked off for the first 10 years of my career, completely uninspired and unchallenged by what I was doing. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel because I was emailing my friends all day, but I was becoming a writer.
  • There may be a few details or discussion around my international experience, but none of it will cover that immense lonely heart-ache that always accompanies it. Solo travel is my favorite thing in the whole wide world, and it’s also my biggest teacher.
  • My résumé won’t cover all the miles I’ve hiked, paddled, run… up mountains, in the middle of the night, for days on end, carrying my own food (and that one time, champagne bottles), waking up to make coffee for a sub-zero sunrise 360-degree vista. But want to talk confidence and overcoming challenges in the workplace? Pffft.
These are just a few things that came out in my writing, and this exercise truly made me smile. There were plenty of times when I felt weird or not good enough, and I realize now in my 40s just how “cool” I’ve always been. Sometimes I felt “left behind” by choosing an unpopular experience, and today I’m extremely grateful that I was “left ahead.”
Go ahead, pull out a piece of paper or even start an email to yourself, and write “things I didn’t put on my résumé” at the top…
mindful moment
I pondered a dozen things to say here, and knew you wouldn’t even notice if I removed this section from only my second email, but the truth is, I’ve had a hectic month and near zero mindfulness practice. It happens. Maybe I over-did it on the New Year vibes last month. So for those of you running around with a multitude of other life obligations too, check out the bite-sized, five-minutes-a-day Headspace podcast, Radio Headspace. I recommend you squeeze this one in before browsing all the other news sources of the morning.
other places and spaces
  • We warm our house with a pellet stove running 24/7, and everything is so very DRY. This week a friend reminded me of one of last year’s blog posts, on the soothing daily practice of Ayurvedic self-massage. Definite recommend!
  • Maple sugaring season! As we run the risk of becoming full-time Vermonters at this point, it’s a good thing we’ve found dear friends with a sugaring business. This weekend, Gary joined in to help start the tapping process (1600 trees!), and I can’t wait to photo-document what I have to believe is all flannel and Carhart beside the bellowing smoke of their adorable sugar shack once the sap starts flowing!
  • Cooking? I’m typically a no-recipes gal by nature, but literally everything I’ve made since the November timeframe has come from Half Baked Harvest and her cookbooks. I feel obligated to tell you about her.
That’s about it for our second connection + curiosity letter of the year - thanks for reading! Remember, you have all you need right here to reply directly, unsubscribe or share with a friend.
Till next time!
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Stacey Hedman

lover of fresh air, wild optimism, an open mind and well-placed sarcasm.

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